The difference between Shellac and Gel nails

The difference between Shellac and Gel nails

What are they?
Both shellac and Gel are methods in which you can go about painting your nails. Shellac is a more recent treatment that has come on to the market that has said to be a more durable option, practiced in nail salons across the country. Gel manicures are an alternate type of treatment that has been around for a much longer period and prevents your nails from getting chipped. Gel nails, do, however, come with their own sets of risks. Over time this form of treatment can lead to a degradation in the health of your nails.

What are the differences?
Now we’ve introduced both forms of treatment, you might be thinking they’re similar, however, think again. You might also want to avoid falling under the common misconception that shellac gel nails as the same as gel nails as they’re not. Shellac nail treatment typically involves a few coats on the nail, and in between each coat, the nail is cured under a specialist UV light. And this is the same with gel treatment. However, the big difference is that shellac nails are seen more as a semi-perm polish, with gel being a semi-perm gel. This means that when it comes to removing the nail, being as it’s a polish, shellac becomes a lot easier to remove than gel.

If you’re looking for durability however, you might want to opt for gel nails. On average, shellac nails will last for up to two weeks, with gel nails most of the time giving you an extra week. Now, going back to the UV light treatment, before undergoing either of these treatments you’re going to want to ensure that you apply some SPF30+ beforehand, ideally around a half an hour.

Another difference between the two types of nails in the colour selection that comes along with both. You’ll have a choice of nearly 400 should you opt for gel, whereas with shellac you’ve only just
got over 100. And so, if a strong variation of colours is one of your top priorities, you may wish to go for gel, if this isn’t such a big deal, shellac remains an option.

In Summary
As you’ve noticed already, there are quite a few differences and similarities at the same time between shellac and gel nails. And whichever is the best suited for you all depends on your priorities when it comes to your nails. For example, if a limited choice of colours for your nails puts you off, you’re going to want to opt for gel. However, if you want an easily removable gel you might want to opt for shellac. If you want to know more about either or both types of nails don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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