how long do shellac nails last?

How long do shellac nails last?

What are they?
Shellac nails are a patent-pending form of nail that is almost a hybrid, it is half polish and half gel. With it being a polish, it is easier to remove than its gel-only counterpart, however, doesn’t have such a wide colour selection. Shellac nails are usually chosen both for their strength and durability, not only this but they cause much less damage to your nails than either acrylic nails or the standard gel. The main form of damage it avoids incurring is chipping of the nails. Today we’re going to look at two main things, the first is how long does it take to have shellac nails put on, and secondly, how long can you expect them to last for. Hopefully, after you’ve learnt this, you’ll be a bit more informed next time you go to decide whether you want shellac nails.

How long can you expect them to last?
As we’ve touched upon already, shellac nails are chosen for both their durability and sustainability. Typically, on average, once you’ve had a shellac manicure, you can expect for it to last around two weeks. On occasions, the chip-free finish can sometimes last up to three weeks. Despite this, you should have your shellac nails taken out after 14 days. This average of two weeks is a week less than its traditional gel counterpart, there are plenty of bonuses to shellac nails. The main one being already is that it is chip-free and is much less damaging than gel nails or even acrylic nails. The average length of a shellac manicure should you now be considering one is roughly around 40 minutes, but this, of course, includes the drying and filing of the nails, not just the manicure. Another bonus when it comes to shellac manicures as there is a minimal drying time as the curation process is aided using a specialist UV lamp that has been designed specifically for shellac manicures and pedicures. This specialist technology wouldn’t have been available without a lot of time and effort being invested in the research and technology side of shellac nails.

In Summary
Hopefully, now you’ve learnt a bit more about what shellac nails are, how long they take to put on how long they last. On top of this, the reasons why they’re becoming the ever more popular choice of the nail. If you want to know more about shellac nails and how we can be of help don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are here to answer any questions you might have. We can also advise you on why shellac nails are different from your typical gel nails and which is perfect for you depends upon what you want.

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